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Viva 120L

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Viva 120L
The circular Viva L 120 is a true proponent of the elegant and minimalist:
it is simple, smooth and beautiful. A glass pane of massive proportions and a large combustion chamber bring even more pleasure from a fire which is also very easy to install.
The new, redesigned damper handle is given a discreet placement at a convenient height, and a rubber coating underneath provides a luxury feel . The stove comes with metal framed glass door .
The version without damper handle radiates sublime simplicity – air regulation here is entrusted to CleverAir to ensure optimal combustion.
Note: CleverAir must be specified at time of order.
There are a host of options to choose from: six colours, side glass, four top plates, heat accumulation, swivel base, six different handles- these elements provide a level of customisation that allows the stove to fit perfectly with your decor.
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