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We can tile any type of tile that you would desire around your new stove to give it even more of an eye catching feature in your home.


Depending on the type of installation required, we can brick slip 3 sides, pillars, back wall in many different shades of bricks

Knock Through Chimney

Some newer houses may have false chimneys. We can knock the inside of the chimney out so that it is then useable and an authentic looking chimney again.

Twin-Walled Systems

If you have not got a chimney in your house, do not worry! An external chimney can be erected outwith the house to enable you to have a multi-fuel stove in your house.

Luxury Paints & Design

We can provide one off luxurious finishes to your chimney breast, walls, can even provide that statement wall in your restaurant, office, cafe etc.

Cromas Trendy Paints - Rustic

Cromas Pure metal - choices include - Copper, Brass, Zinc

Cromas Stone Range

We are the only ones in the County Durham area that can provide this luxury and bespoke finish.

Pop into the showroom to see some of the examples.