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12 Aug Trendy Paints
Siberian 0 11820
We can Now offer these fabulous Bespoke, one of a kind designs for a fireplace, a feature wall in your home or business.We can provide Rustic, concret..
20 Sep Stovax Riva 2 Freestanding
Siberian 0 13521
Made to measure framework with black and grey/silver Splitface Mosaic tiles and Brazilian slate hearth. We designed this ourself and the customer love..
30 Aug Invicta Tipi
Siberian 0 1605
Great to do this installation of the Invicta Tipi with the whole wall behind brick slipped, looks amazing!..
11 Aug Exciting NEW PLUG-IN OVE PELLET STOVE ONLY one in the UK!
Siberian 1 15368
We now have this fantastic Pellet Stove LIVE in our showroom. It is the ONLY one in the UK.It is a 6kW plug in stove, just a small piece of kindling s..
08 Nov Stockton 5 Midline
Siberian 0 1585
A busy 2 days on a Rip out and rebuild for our customers. Stockton 5 Midline Multifuel stove installed sitting on Brazilian Slate with Split face mosa..
06 Nov Di-Lusso R4 Euro
Siberian 0 1781 lusso R4 Euro sitting on Brazilian slate,..
07 May Skope 110w Electric Fire
Siberian 0 1439
Coming to the Showroom Next week we have the Fabulous Skope 110w Electric Fire with a Montana 110 Base Unit in Bianca and Midnight Finish with a Top S..
23 Mar False Chimney with Aspect 8 Slimline
Siberian 0 1574
False chimney breast Construction to house the Aspect 8 Slimline, sitting on black limestone, oak beam, brick slips and bespoke shelves. All beautiful..
15 Mar Hunter Herald 5 Slimline with low canopy
39 5444
A good two days for Mr & Mrs Guthrie with this lovely Traditional #HunterHerald5Slimline #LowCanopy #DoubleDoor sitting on Grey limestone with Rustic ..
15 Mar 6 Myths about Wood Burning Stoves
3 6910
6 MYTHS ABOUT WOOD BURNING STOVESHere are six myths about wood burning stoves. You may have heard of some, but likely have not heard them all. Given t..
08 Mar Rais Q-Tee 2 C
0 3336
A lovely bespoke #Rais Q-Tee2C on low legs fitted for James and his family. Tiles are white Splitface mosaics, sitting on Brazilian slate and a clear ..
05 Mar Avalon 5 Compact on Stovax Bench
0 1770
A lovely #Aspect5compact now fitted sitting on top of a #StovaxBenchwith a Brazilian Slate Hearth. With a nicely designed Oyster Splitface tile backgr..
01 Mar Burley Debdale
0 1624
A nice little #Burley #Debdale fitted today for Wayne who had already fitted the hearth and oak beam. So it was just a nice liner drop and attaching o..
27 Feb Stromstad 5
0 1768
A lovely day for a twinwall system! Installation of the ever popular #stromstad5 No chimney, no problem
19 Feb Stovax Huntingdon 30 Electric Fire
0 1573
Well, after originally finding next doors livingroom in our customers chimney stack, I think you can agree that it is now a fabulous transformation!We..
15 Feb New Vehicles
0 1598
A Nice little write up of the team with photos of our new vehicles featuring our Siberian Husky pack and Rais Stoves. Expertly wrapped by http://carme..
08 Feb Aspect 4 Compact Installation
Siberian 0 1543
A very wet and windy day for the team, but the fireplace looks great with the Limestone hearth and slips and the #Aspect4Compact burning nicely with t..
06 Feb Vogue Small T Installation
Siberian 0 1665
Installation completed, all nicely plastered by Scott. Stove is a #Stovax#VogueSmallT sitting on Brazilian slate with an Oak Beam. Customers are now n..
15 Jan Varde Aura 1 Installation
Siberian 0 1543
A nice one day installation for Kelly and her family just in time for the snow coming! Stove is a #Varde #Aura1 sitting on a circular Brazilian Slate ..
14 Jan False Chimney Build
Siberian 0 1741
A good two days by myself fitting Michelle and her lovely families False Chimney to house the #Nordpeis #Bergan with Rustic Split Face Tiles, Chunky o..
07 Jan Stovax Riva 3 Freestanding on a 180 Bench
Siberian 0 1631
It has been a privilege today to fit a #Stovax #Riva3Freestanding on a #180Bench for Susan at the Beyond Limits Charity. She approached us asking if w..
19 Dec Rais Viva L100 in Nickel, Side Glass and CleverAir
Siberian 0 1814
A very early morning to fit in Michael who had fitted the fireplace and hearth already to house this lovely #Rais #Viva #L100 #Nickel with side glass ..
03 Sep Lovely new Riva Freestanding Stove
Scott 2 15935
Lovely new Riva1 Freestanding stove on bench for Julie and her family, replacing a Riva 2 due to it being too big for the room and also not fitted cor..
31 Aug Carlton Tiling
Scott 1 11140
Popped back to Our previous customer Ian who fancied having tiles behind his #Aspect5 on log store. The tiles look lovely behind his stove ..
30 Aug Fixing Julies Installation
Scott 0 12281
A good day at Julie and her families home today to fix an installation where the stove was too big for the room and therefore they were not able to si..
23 Aug Family time - Ullswater Lake
Scott 0 7690
Family time away with the eldest and his brother from another mother, loving the fresh air in Ullswater, doing some of Junior and Hamish’s favourite a..
18 Aug Maintenance Visit - Stove Service
Scott 1 9595
Visiting an old friend/customer in a remote cottage for annual maintenance. Checked, cleaned, painted and working a charm. When you have no central ..
16 Aug Cosy Showroom
Scott 0 2127
Showroom nice and cosy today with three Stoves lit. The main one being this Nordpeis Quadro 1...
16 Aug Bespoke Installation - Marble
Scott 0 2494
A late finish for the team on stage two of our bespoke installation for Tahir and his lovely family. As you can see from the photos it’s been a very c..
11 Aug Sponsoring Middlesbrough FC
Scott 0 1959
Another season as a Business Club Sponsor for Middlesbrough FC, first game of the season against Birmingham FC. Come on the Boro ..
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